A Unique Concept

When you are out for shopping and want to make the best purchase, your mind starts to compare one offer with another. Sometimes you end up with a good deal but are not fully satisfied.

Sirfdhamakaoffers.com is that platform where you need not worry about prices because our policy is to create a big bang in the market and offer the best.

We are here to give you headache-free purchase and give you the best deal without wasting your time in search of a good purchase  

  • The unbelievable world of Dhamaka offers you the best products at the lowest price
  • Maybe you get less number of choices but whatever deal you get will be awesome
  • Prices will be so attractive that even manufacturers will find it hard to beat
  • Even clearance sale will be unattractive when you will compare our prices
  • It will make big savings on your purchase
  • In fact, most of the time you get offers like up to 50% or 80% but in reality, you do not get the expected discount
  • We will offer you real discounts which will be hard to resist
  • It will save your valuable time that you waste in search of finding good deals

Pan India Network

Availability of pan India network with increasing connectivity

Best Quality

Dealing with best and renowned brands for full customer satisfaction

Best Offers

Our motto is not regular business with regular price, only off season products at rock bottom price

Select, Pay and Pick

Select the product of your choice online, pay and get delivery at the same time

Great Deal of the Month

Business Features


Great deals at lucrative price



Franchisee level from micro to macro


O2O Model

Work for the online and offline model both


Get handsome offer on your first purchase!

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Customers Reviews

It was really a wonderful experience. I have never imagined that my purchase will be so easy and with rock bottom prices.
Ajay Prasad
It was more than I expected. Prices were so low that they were incomparable with any other same offer and quality was equally a plus point.
Saglichand Sharma
Really a dhamaka!
Sometimes, you search a lot for the best price for your purchase but end up with poor results. It is the right platform in this regard and prices are really the end point for a great purchase.
Vinod Dwivedi